stay rad & good vibes✌

Colorado raised.
Keeping it old school.
Drama free.


Do you ever look in the mirror and break down in disgust.

The way your stomach rolls over.
the way your hair is not sitting right.
The way your thighs look in the bottoms you are wearing.
The way your face looks without makeup.
The way your scars show up in the lighting.
The way that every flaw is noticed but you cant find one good thing about yourself.

Because I do.

Every day of my life.

(via prettygirlflawed)

In all honesty, I just want an effortless relationship. I want it to be spontaneous and full of adventures. I want a day to be lazy and watch movies. Then the next out exploring. Or stargazing. Camping and cuddling under the stars. Laughing at our own jokes even when they aren’t that funny. To be 100% myself with someone.

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